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Everyone can benefit from yoga and massage, regardless of age, shape, size, mobility, energy level or health condition. 


Sati Wellbeing offers accessible massage and yoga sessions online, in community venues, through charities, workplaces and on a one-to-one basis. Take a look at the Yoga, Massage & Timetable sections for more detail and get in touch to discuss how yoga and massage may benefit you, your colleagues or your clients. 

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"Under Tracey’s gentle intuitive guidance I have developed a daily yoga practice that truly nourishes and sustains me, and one which compliments my mindfulness work. I wasn’t sure initially about having a yoga class online but Tracey makes each online class feel playful and fun, and as if you are practicing in the same room as one another. She holds the space so expertly that it always feels safe and her guidance is consistently clear, encouraging and supportive. She makes sure I can visually follow her on screen and that I feel able to ask anything I need to. Sessions always feel inclusive and Tracey responds to any physical limitations I have by offering choices and adaptations and bespoke advice for my practice outside of class. I can’t recommend her classes strongly enough".



"I'm so glad I found this yoga class.  I love everything about it - the breathing, the pace, the music and especially Tracey's calm voice.  I float away every week wishing there was another class mid-week" 



"Tracey delivered a lovely yoga workshop at our dance festival. She created a lovely atmosphere and made everyone feel relaxed and welcome. I would definitely recommend Tracey for all things yoga!"

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