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Yoga can be transformational and help promote physical and mental health, as well as confidence and personal growth.

Sati Yoga

Through physical movement, awareness of breath, mantra and visualisation in a nurturing space, Sati Yoga uses mindfulness** to help you:

  • tune into thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations

  • cultivate a sense of calm and relaxation

  • develop greater physical strength and suppleness without straining

  • boost energy levels

  • practice self compassion, self care and making choices that serve you

  • explore safe ways to improve balance and stability

  • learn techniques that can help you embrace the many transitions of life

Who is welcome?

Everyone! Whether you are new to yoga or more experienced, whether you are super bendy or not at all bendy, whether you feel confident or nervous, whether you are at peace with your body or not, you really are very welcome.

Before a yoga session

Yoga is best done with layers of loose clothing and on an empty stomach or having eaten something light beforehand.  A willingness to be kind to yourself is also very helpful!!

What to expect

A typical session involves a gentle breathing exercises to start with, followed by some gentle physical movement to warm up the muscles. These are often done laying on your back or seated, though may also be done standing. 

Depending on the purpose of the session (e.g. to be relaxing or energising), physical movement may gradually build in intensity or postures may be held for short periods of time with the support of blankets, blocks or cushions. All sessions encourage you to tune into what you are experiencing in your body or mind, rather than any striving for a particular shape or 'pose'.

All sessions finish with a guided relaxation. This is commonly done lying on the floor, whilst being supported by cushions and blankets if wanted.


All parts of a session are optional. You are encouraged to tune into your experience and do only what is comfortable for you. Choosing to opt out of a move or posture, or to adapt them according to your needs & comfort zone is a valuable part of the experience.  



All sessions are trauma sensitive and are designed to create a safe, nurturing space.   

Location, cost & bookings

* Public sessions are held at online. Please see the Timetable page for details.  

* Personal sessions are available online or other locations by arrangement (note: personal sessions in locations other than online are currently paused due to Covid-19).

Personal sessions are tailored according to the outcomes sought. These can be:

* to develop a home practice suited to your needs (e.g. a morning practice to set you up for the day, a 'time out' practice for busy and overwhelming moments, an evening practice to help you switch off from the day and sleep more easily, a practice to promote good digestive function or to do when you are exhausted)

* to develop attention and awareness of breath to address any holding patterns that may be contributing to stress, tension, discomfort, low mood or poor digestion 

* to learn what adaptations or modifications may benefit you if, due to physical discomfort, you struggle with certain movements or attend other yoga classes and find certain poses challenging  

* as energising or relaxing as you need   

Personal sessions can be one-off or regular depending upon your needs, budget and schedule. They are available to individuals, couples and groups of up to 4 people. They include a written copy of session content.  

*60 minutes - £42

* 90 minutes - £50

* Bespoke, one-off or regular, individual or group yoga classes are also available for your organisation, workplace or personal event.  Currently, these are available online. Do get in touch to discuss your needs: or 07814 551560

** mindfulness, or 'sati' in Sanskrit, is a mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment.

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